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Ahhhhhhh!!!! I only have 4 more days left of Tinwald School!! FOREVER!!

Today is Wednesday the 9th of December and I am at home, the day's finished, so today doesn't count. So there is Thursday the 10th, Friday the 11th, Monday the 14th, and Tuesday the 15th!! I'm not coming on the clean up half day.
Also, the Monday and the Tuesday of next week we are doing other things...
Monday- Prizegiving day
Tuesday- School picnic day
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<![CDATA[My talent show music!!!! Class party 24th September!!]]>Sat, 19 Sep 2015 04:19:40 GMThttp://manuka2015.weebly.com/alex/my-talent-show-music-class-party-24th-september
<![CDATA[Ski-skate day!!]]>Wed, 16 Sep 2015 22:14:56 GMThttp://manuka2015.weebly.com/alex/ski-skate-dayOn Friday 11th September...........
Arrowsmith got the choice of going Skiing or Snowboarding up MT HUTT or Ice Skating at ALPINE ICE!!

I chose Skiing!!

Well I got to school at 6;55 a.m!!!! We found out who was in what car. Dad and I took Mao and Mrs Mackenzie. 
When we first go to the lesson, we had to learn how to put one ski on!!
After we managed to get on one ski, we had to shuffle our way around the circle, then back to our other ski.
When we put our other ski on we had to shuffle around the circle again!! :D ( P.S we didn't have poles the whole day!! ) Any way, now it was time to go up the magic carpet!!! The magic carpet is a slow moving conveyor belt for us to stand on. This is all in a long container, decorated with fairy lights!! At the start you have to give a wooden Spongebob a high-five!! Any way when you reach the top, you ski off the conveyor belt, and find yourself up the top of the learners slope!!! We did plenty of going up the magic carpet during the day!! Sometimes Mao and I would have a break and just play in the snow. What, it was a great opportunity to see so much snow!! We found a great place to slide down!!

<![CDATA[Homework-Connected learning Maori artist-Dick Frizzell!!]]>Wed, 02 Sep 2015 07:28:35 GMThttp://manuka2015.weebly.com/alex/homework-connected-learning-maori-artist-dick-frizzellMaori artist: Dick Frizzell!!

This is some of his art!!

He even did a design for the flag!!!

Maori Artist: Dick Frizzell

Where is he from?

Dick Frizzell was born in Auckland in 1943. He is now based in Hawkes bay!!

What sort of art does he do?

He specializes in different types of kiwiana art and drawing kiwi icons. Guess what...DICK FRIZZELL WAS THE CREATOR OF MR 4-SQUARE!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!

How has Maori art changed over time?

In the past, Maori art was based on things for tattoos and carvings. Nowadays it can be drawn to represent things important to new zealand. For example, the koru's meaning is new life, growth, rebirth and a deep connection to the earth.

By Alex:)

<![CDATA[Homework-Week 6/7- Something we have enjoyed at school!!!-Kapahaka!!!]]>Thu, 27 Aug 2015 07:27:44 GMThttp://manuka2015.weebly.com/alex/homework-week-67-something-we-have-enjoyed-at-school-kapahaka
He honore

He hōnore, he korōria
Maungārongo ki te whenua
Whakaaro pai e 
Kingā tangata katoa
Ake ake, ake ake 
Te Atua, te piringa, 
Toku oranga

Whakataka te hau

Whakataka te hau ki te uru, 
Whakataka te hau ki te tonga

Kia mākinakina ki uta, 
Kia mātaratara ki tai. 

E hī ake ana te atākura he tio,
he huka, he hauhunga

Haumi e! Hui e! Tāiki e!

Tihei mauri ora

<![CDATA[ Homework-Winter sports reflection!!!]]>Mon, 17 Aug 2015 14:44:56 GMThttp://manuka2015.weebly.com/alex/-homework-winter-sports-reflectionOn Thursday 6th August the Tinwald school Arrowsmith students participated in the Annual Mid Canterbury Primary Schools year 5/6 Winter Sports Tournament..........All without me!!!!

I was off school sick all that whole entire week.:(!!!

The sports we got to choose from were.....

Well I chose netball and the worst part is I made it in to the A team!!!

This is bad because I couldn't participate and contribute well enough for the Tinwald A team and I felt absolutely guttered!!

At least I came along to the college netball courts and supported my team and egged them on to do well in a few of their games that I got to watch!!

I also stayed to watch the final....
Well done to Methven A for first place, Allenton A for second place, and Hampstead A for third place!!!

Also congrats to the TINWALD A team for getting 4th or 5th overall!!!

Also well done to the Tinwald B team for trying their Tinwald B.E.S.T and representing Tinwald School with pride!!!

The team!!!

Maddi L

Annalise A

Olivia H

Jasmine M

Jasmin G

Mya J

Alex B

Molly M

Claudia C

And the coach..........

My awesome Mum......Natalie !!!

Now for the questions!!!!!

What was a highlight?

I'd say a highlight for my team would have been winning majority of their games!!!

What was a low point?

Well-Definitley me not being able to play!!! Annalise even told me she was sure if I had ben playing we would have made in to the finals!!! We were one spot away!!! Especially with my skills in playing GS!!!

Did I enjoy the sport I 'played'!?

Well, yes!!!

Oh I remembered a funny story from one f the practices, Mum was a wee bit late so Molly's Nana told me to lead the warm up for the A team so I decided to do a snake. When I got up to one of the goal circles I heard Mrs Cameron call my name so I stopped and turned around to see what she wanted. She told me something I can't remember now but when she finished I turned around and I didn't realize I was right beside the hoop and I bashed straight into the pole!!! It really hurt and I got such a fright and fell over!! But after a while the shock and initial pain wore off and I couldn't stop laughing!!! I can just imagine how funny it would have looked for the rest of the team watching it all unfold behind me!!! It was so funny!!!

So that is my Winter Sports 2015 reflection with a bonus funny story on the end!!!

<![CDATA[ Term 3 Week 2/3 Homework- Swimming reflection!!!]]>Tue, 28 Jul 2015 05:30:25 GMThttp://manuka2015.weebly.com/alex/-term-3-week-23-homework-swimming-reflection

The facts:

Dates: Mon 20th July- Fri 24th July
Venue: Ea networks centre 
Group: LVL-5/7/pre squad
Tutor: Sharon
Alex; Pre-squad
Mao-Level 7
Logan-Level 7
Molly-Level 5
Nicholas-Level 5
Pool-Lane pool

Q: How do you think you went?

 I think I went really well considering it's my first time doing pre-squad lessons.
- I went good

Q:Did you feel like you improved?


Q:What were you happy about?

I am happy with how much better I am getting with my dives and I just need a tad more practise.

Q:What are you going to work on next time?

Keeping my knees together when I am doing my tumble turns.
<![CDATA[Manuka-Thursday 2nd July, Class party, mufti, winter sports practise and disco!!!!!Not much of a school day!!!!]]>Tue, 30 Jun 2015 07:34:03 GMThttp://manuka2015.weebly.com/alex/manuka-thursday-2nd-july-class-party-mufti-winter-sports-practise-and-disconot-much-of-a-school-day
Tomorrow we have lots on!!!
All day-Mufti
All day-Class party
2-3pm-Winter sports practise.

Remember your winter sports gear!!!!

Remember your mufti clothes if you are in Manuka

Remember to bring your share of party food!!!

<![CDATA[When I grow up......]]>Sun, 21 Jun 2015 20:53:22 GMThttp://manuka2015.weebly.com/alex/when-i-grow-up1. Photographer
Because I love to take photos.

2. Professional synchronized swimmer

I already can do a lot of synchro tricks. It is sooooo fun.

3. Weather reporter

I love weather and I am always listening to the weather forecast.

I also hope to build a cat city and own over 600 cats!!!!!
Also a cat cafe.